A wooden church hut had served the area from 1931 but the rapid post war growth of Harrowby meant that a new church was required for the spiritual and social needs of the people.  The current hall was the original church and social centre and the foundation stone for this was laid and dedicated at a service on 24th July 1954.  The front and interior pages of the order of service are included below [from N.Leeson] with a handwritten invitation from the then Priest-in Charge. Rev’d E.R.Chandler.



This dual purpose building was opened on 5th February 1956 by the Bishop of Lincoln.  The front and interior pages of the service sheets [from N’Leeson]are also included below which provide details of this initial building.


The current octagonal church building was added in the early 1960s and the old church building became the hall.

Many local people worked very hard providing voluntary labour to dig and lay the foundations, lay bricks, paint, and fit out both buildings.  They then continued to establish a large range of excellent clubs and entertainments, church groups and a very good choir.

This is just a short introduction to the wonderful history of many local people contributing to the life of this church over many years.  It is hoped that this page might be expanded gradually in time.  If you have more photos or information please send them to Rev’d Andrew Jablonski